Victory Cars Central: Spotlight on Levittown, NY – Thriving Businesses and Community Events

Levittown, NY has a storied history as one of America’s original post-WWII suburban communities. Over 70 years later, this iconic Long Island hamlet continues to thrive through its robust local business scene and sense of togetherness. In this blog, we shine a spotlight on Levittown, exploring staples like the Stop & Shop grocery store, beloved events like the Summer Concert Series, and Victory Cars Central serving local auto needs.

Stop & Shop – Longtime Levittown Staple
Stop & Shop holds an important place in Levittown’s history, as it was one of the first locations for the grocery chain on Long Island when it opened in 1959. Now over 60 years later, the Levittown Stop & Shop situated at 3550 Hempstead Turnpike remains a fixture in the community. Employing over 200 local workers, this accessible supermarket conveniently provides residents with groceries, produce, household essentials, and more.

Beyond retail, Stop & Shop demonstrates corporate citizenship through initiatives that give back to Levittown. They regularly donate unsold fresh foods to island harvest food banks. Their Scan It Forward program allows shoppers to contribute to schools when checking out. Stop & Shop also partners with local sports teams and organizations on fundraisers and sponsorships. The store completed major renovations in 2020 to better serve the neighborhood, including expanding international and kosher food options. For quality, selection, and community spirit, Stop & Shop is a Levittown establishment.

Bringing Levittown Together for Summer Concerts
Another cherished tradition that typifies the Levittown spirit is the free Summer Concert Series held annually at Levittown Hall Green. Every Thursday evening in July and August, locals gather on the lawn to enjoy live music from talented tribute bands. Concertgoers bring picnic dinners, socialize with neighbors, and have an evening of laidback fun for a worthy community cause.
Last summer’s exciting lineup included tributes to favorite acts like Elton John, Billy Joel, the Beatles, and Journey. While the 2023 schedule has yet to be announced, if it’s anything like 2022 it is sure to inspire singing along and dancing in the grass. Beyond the music, the Levittown Summer Concert Series provides residents young and old with a way to come together and celebrate their vibrant town. This beloved summer series is proudly sponsored by the Town of Hempstead.

Auto Dealership Serves Local Needs
In addition to beloved retailers and events, Levittown benefits from Victory Cars Central serving auto needs. This prominent dealership off Hempstead Turnpike provides an enormous selection of new and used cars to the community. Conveniently located, Victory Cars Central enables locals to purchase quality vehicles without leaving town.

As Levittown relies heavily on personal vehicles, Victory Cars Central maintains an integral role in meeting transportation needs. Between sales, service and convenient access, this dealer equips residents for sales, service and convenient access, this dealer equips residents for commuting and traveling on Long Island.

Thriving Local Scene
Decades after its inception, Levittown remains a thriving community thanks to businesses like Stop & Shop, fun events like the Summer Concerts, and Victory Cars Central meeting auto needs. New dining and retail options are also breathing modern energy into Levittown. However, staples like Stop & Shop continue to anchor the community.

The secret to Levittown’s success seems to be blending steadfast landmarks with on-trend developments and maintaining a full calendar of family-friendly happenings. Both long-time residents and newcomers will find this historic hamlet an engaging place to live, work, and play. Stay tuned for more inside looks at this quintessential Long Island suburb.

Levittown emerged from former potato fields to become an archetype for post-war American suburban living. Thanks to engaged businesses, involved citizens, and a rich sense of community, this influential town continues to offer exceptional livability and local flavor decades later. Iconic Levittown invites nostalgia while welcoming progress.